More vintage headwear: a green half hat!

thrifted feminine outfit
Green vintage half hat, retro eyewear, a second hand dress and utterly lovely green clip on earrings 

Over Easter there was a Retro & Vintage + Design Expo in Helsinki, as I mentioned in an earlier post. The lavender half hat wasn't my only vintage headwear find from the RVDE; here's the other one!

vintage hat and earrings
I adore these vintage green pearl earrings!

This hat doesn't sit quite as snugly on my head as the lavender one, and it seems to be of newer make. Maybe 1970s or so? It's of a lovely emerald green colour, made of felt, and it's in wonderful condition all around.

vintage hat in amazing condition

The vintage hat has a simple but cute ornament on one side. Curiously the hat maker has pinched the inside with a string so that the hat forms a small bubble to accentuate the ornament. I could remove the bubble easily but I'll see how I like it as it is.

vintage hat, earrings and dress

And I do quite like it! It doesn't sit as snugly on my head as the lavender one, so I'll definitely need to come up with tricks to fasten it on my hair. I wouldn't want to lose this hat on a windy day!


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