A vintage find: beautiful lavender half hat!

vintage women's hat
Vintage lavender hat from the 1950's and Collectif's cardigan

As I posted previously, the Retro & Vintage + Design Expo was held in Helsinki last weekend, over Easter. I went there on Saturday and rummaged the whole clothing area through. I made some wonderful finds, and most of them are headgear!

1950s vintage womens hat

This hat is one of my vintage finds from RVDE, a true treasure! It's a felt half hat of a lovely lavender colour. I estimated with the shop keeper that it has to be from the 1950's. It has clearly been in use, but it's in good condition and has retained its shape very well.

beautiful old felt hat

It has a big bow on the other side and a small ornament on the other. It fits on my big fat head very nicely, but I will need a hat pin or some other tricks to actually hold it down on my head before I venture to go out with it. At the moment, however nicely it fits, wind would surely blow it away.

lovely ladies vintage hat

Next on my shopping list: a vintage hat pin or two!


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