The love for headscarves

black and yellow retro headscarf photo

It seems I have developed a sudden and passionate relationship with headscarves! It all started with the need to cover my head when I had put pins on for pincurls. I wear a bigger scarf over my hair during the nights quite often when I let the pincurls set overnight. But wearing the scarf is also an easy and instant way to get that wonderful retro look, especially if you wear a real vintage scarf like some of mine are!

cute vintage headscarf for a retro lookretro style vintage headscarf 

Sometimes I decide to put the pincurls on in the morning, cover the pins with a scarf and go about my day. Then come evening, I take off the scarf, take off the pins, brush out my hair, and voilá! I'm ready for dinner. 

vintage hairdo with a scarfpink roses and a vintage headscarf

But sometimes, espeially lately... the scarf has just become an accessory. I like to wear it and I like the style! It's easy to play with colors or be a cool girl and just wear a black scarf. 

black headscarf for a rockabilly lookcasual retro headscarf outfit

I think my love for headscarves is not waning at all! I'm planning to get turbans next to make things even easier and lazier for me!


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