Vintage skirt that turns into SHORTS!

I've had this piece of vintage clothing for a while now, and I use it especially for bicyclying or for cold winter days. It's made of warm sturdy wool fabric, and at first glance, it's a skirt with a nice detail at one side.

But wait... there's actually three buttons securing the outer layer that makes this a skirt. You can easily and quickly remove the outer layer... and reveal the shorts underneath!

This vintage skirt is so much fun! If I remember correctly, it's a used piece of women's uniform from the Polish army in the 1960's. Pretty amazing to think about. It's in wonderful condition and super sturdy. It's made really, really well. I never use this as just shorts, but the shorts underneath the skirt make this comfortable and easy to wear whatever you do! Here I paired it with a vintage scard and old worn combat boots.


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