Retro winter outfit with a wool beret and a vintage skirt

Check this lovely warm outfit perfect for a winter day! There's something new, something vintage, lots of retro, and plenty of comfort. And a bit of a preppy 1960's wibe.

(Oh lord I need to learn to take outfit photos without the mirror.) The skirt is a wonderful, thick wool vintage skirt from the 1960's, and it's lined which makes it comfortable to wear. Just adding a black belt makes it look really sharp! The jumper I got for less than 6€ from Gina Tricot's season sale. The shoes are Lola Ramona's real leather flats, and I love them to bits! The beret is 100% wool and it's warm, comfortable and super stylish. 

Add 1960's Swarovski crystal earrings and a cat eyeliner and voilà! You've achieved a great preppy retro outfit that makes your self-esteem soar!


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