DIY Homemade 3 ingredient coffee and cinnamon body scrub

The media has been buzzling with the topic of micro plastic polluting our environment, and it seems to be coming from the most unseeming places! Some sources are pretty obvious, for example body scrubs. Many body scrubs that you can buy do not use natural materials, but tiny balls made of plastic to work as physical exfoliants. There are plenty of options for ready to use natural body scrubs, too, but I figured... why not make them at home? In this post I share my own recipe for a natural body scrub that you can make of ingredients found in your kitchen! You only need three ingredients, two if you want to be as simple as possible! It's super easy and it will leave your skin moisturized and smooth! However, I found that there was a down side...

This body scrub wasn't my cup of java...
Coffee, cinnamon and olive oil body scrub, homemade!

Coffee and Cinnamon Body Scrub


  • 1 desiliter coffee grounds
  • ½ desiliter olive oil (I used half olive oil and half canola oil!)
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Oh God I'm so funny.

How to make and use the body scrub

So I made coffee in the morning, and I saved the grounds. I used about 1 desiliter of coffee grounds, and I simply added a teaspoon of ground cinnamon for aromatics, and I mixed in perhaps ½ desiliter of olive oil and canola oil put together. Just mix them together until it's a nice paste that isn't too thick so you can actually spread it on your skin!

Take a quick shower first to rinse the day off your skin, and to get your skin damp. It makes spreading this scrub a lot easier! Rub it on your skin in the problem areas - for me that's my thighs and hip area. This amount, which at first seemed quite little, was more than enough to scrub my whole body from collarbones to ankles. Don't use this on your face! The coffee grounds are too harsh for the sensitive skin on your face, so do something gentler for the face and neck.

The ingredients of homemade coffee body scrub
All you need to make this body scrub: coffee grounds, olive oil and some cinnamon!

The surprising downside of using coffee grounds in a body scrub...

Despite this not having any micro plastic in it, it can still harm your immediate environment if you just rinse it off your skin with water! You shouldn't let any food or anything extra enter the sewers. Any leftovers, like bits of food or coffee grounds, lure in rats and small critters to thrive and feast in the sewers. Greasy coffee grounds can also clog up the pipes. So realizing this, covered in coffee grounds and olive oil, I couldn't just hop in the shower and rinse it all down the drain... I had to wipe it off and throw it in the bin instead. AND IT WAS HELL. Wiping this stuff off your skin with paper towels was the WORST. 0/5 would not recommend. But I recommend having the coffee grounds go to the sewers even less.

The results of using the coffee ground body scrub, despite everything

After I had scrubbed my skin with this fragrant mixture, agonized in wiping it off my skin, and taken a shower and washed myself properly, my skin felt amazing. It looked clearer and was so soft and smooth. Despite that, totally not worth the trouble of wiping it off your skin.

Coffee and cinnamon body scrub break down

+ Easy to find ingredients
+ Easy to mix 
+ Recycling used coffee grounds
+ Fragrant
+ Great results for the skin
- Don't let the coffee grounds get in to the sewers! 
- Which leads to wiping the scrub off your skin
- Which leads you to second guess every decision you've made in your life that has lead you to the moment of painstakingly wiping coffee grounds off your whole body while standing naked in your bathroom

In a nutshell: totally not worth it. 


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