Black and edgy Collectif Clothing outfit

Yes, I always wear black. It has been my # hashtag and saying for a long time. I've started to slip from only wearing black, but it's still the colour that dominates my wardrobe the most. This Collectif repro outfit paired with Lola Ramona shoes and Elvari earrings make the perfect retro rockabilly girl look!

This is a throwback to autumn 2016, when I still had blond long hair. It was an edgy contrast with the black outfit! The top is the must have top Dolores top by Collectif  (I'm planning to get it in more colours and patterns!) and the skirt is a full circle skirt also by Collectif. It's a wonderful flared skirt with lots of fabric. I'm not even wearing any kind of petticoat here and it's still quite a bulk! It's 100% cotton and quite long so I like to use it when its cold outside, and it has two big pockets on the front! Pocketed dresses and skirts are the shit. 

I have like a dozen pairs of Lola Ramona shoes, even my wedding shoes were a Lola Ramona pair! It's a Danish designer brand that's surprisingly affordable for such comfortable, high quality leather shoes. I adore them to bits and I love to wear them, even the sky high heels, because they're so comfortable even for my wide feet. This style with black polka dots on white with a red bow on top is a classic colour combination and a classic look, too. The heel is only about 6cm and the inner sole is quite soft.

I love salmiakki. It's Finnish salty liquorice. A Finnish lady called Sanna Leinonen started making jewelry the shape of sweets and cakes, and she quickly made it her day job. The company is called Elvari, and their website has a web store that works really well. I recommend these fun pieces of jewellery, and there's so many different sweets and treats to choose from! My favourites are naturally these salmiakki earrings that I use quite often.


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