6 Inspiration Photos of The Vintage Curl Hairstyle

I use Pinterest to gather inspiring images of vintage photos or repro styles. I also have a whole collection of Youtube and Pinterest (or blog) tutorials on how to do different hairstyles and so on. My favourite and one that I do quite often, at least a couple times a week, is the classic short to midi vintage curl hairstyle. I gathered some inspiration photos for this post to make you want to get those pins out and start rolling your hair!

1. Vintage icons: Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn is on the top of my list right now when it comes to hair. To be honest, I don't always understand the rave about Marilyn Monroe. She lead a troubled life of an addict and she met an early end, and her style was created for her by stylists. I've got to admit it, though, that the style complimented her perfectly, and has shaped the image of feminine beauty ever since then.

What I love about Marilyn's hair is that it's almost always set in curls, but it's also almost always pretty wild. It's not perfectly sculpted, it's not perfectly sculpted, but it's a wild nest of blond curls. It makes her seem more human, and it makes it feel like it's okay for me, too, to have an imperfect nest of curls on my head. When I realized this, it made setting my hair much less stressful.

2. Vintage icons: Ava Gardner

Ava Gardner's beauty is out of this world. Like I said, Marilyn had features that made her seem human, but Ava's features make her seem like she's literally out of this world. Descended from the heavens. Even the more private photos of her where she's laughing with her friends or husband, make her look like she's an immortal goddess of perfect beauty. And so is her hair, be it longer or shorter, set in tight curls or looser waves. To be honest, I don't look at Ava Gardner's photos too often for my personal style inspiration, because somehow I feel that her beauty is so beyond me, something that I can never reach.

3. Vintage icons: Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly's style was always very neat and tidy, and so was her hair. Either a bun in her neck under a stylish hat, or these short and neat vintage curls, she was always the image of the princess that she came to be. What I adore the most about her, were the white gloves she always wore. I actually decided to wear wrist-lenght white gloves, too, at my wedding, inspired by Grace Kelly herself.

4. Modern day icons: Miss Victory Violet

I adore her. I've been following Miss Victory Violet's blog and instagram for a long time. She's a New Zealander who has moved to London, and she's a true style icon for the vintage lovers. Her hair is always on point, so well set and every curl placed and pinned perfectly. I truly envy her skills and polished looks!

5. Modern day icons: Candice DeVille || The Vintage Current

Candice DeVille is an Australian vintage stylist, whose midi haircut a few years back was perfection. I highly recommend this Youtube video from her channel! She explains the hair cut itself, and how to set it and brush it out. Absolutely inspiring and educating in the beauty department.

6. Modern day icons: Jessica Parker || @noaccountingfortaste

I found this Instagram account by Jessica Parker by accident perhaps a year ago, and I fell in love with her amazing sense of style and colour combinations. She's very much into vintage thrifts and wears her finds like she's a time traveller from the 1940's! Her hair is also on point, and perhaps goes a decade further back in time compared to the above Miss Victory Violet and Candice DeVille. Please take a look at this amazing and inspiring instagram account! Even her poses for modeling her vintage pieces are like straight from 1940's fashion magazines!


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