2018 resolution: A Better Me

Warning: this post is very personal. I decided to do this because when I make all this public, it makes me stick to my plans better.

It's 1st January 2018. I've had a pretty good 2017 with a lot of wonderful things happening in my personal and work life. I've started new hobbies including Charleston dancing (and I love it!), but I feel like I want to become an even better me. I want to be in good shape and healthy not only in 2018, but also in 2038. I think in order to be healthy then, I need to start doing something about it now.

My 2017 was fairly active. I've been biking, jogging, dancing and playing badminton, among other things. My activity, however, went down in November and December. My eating habits have been weird, and I've been eating A LOT of fancy French cheese, liquorice, chocolate, and all kinds of salty and fatty wonderful tasty treats. I've gained a couple of kilos, and now I thought I'd lose them. Even if I've been quite active my "miracle diet" has taken care of  the size of my thighs:

I've decided to do five things in 2018 to make myself into a better me:

1. Stop eating sweets and candy. 

Restaurant dinner desserts and such are fine, because they're relatively rare. But just empty-calorie candy? I need to stop that. Instead, I'll have fruit and nuts, dark chocolate or raisins instead if I must. They're all delicious, and they're good for you. Some fruit taste really sweet, so they'll take the edge off my sweet tooth, but in theory, if I eat correctly, I shouldn't have cravings. Some people say that you shouldn't have so much fruit because they, too, have sugar. Well yes, but it's in a very natural form, and there's also a bunch of fiber, vitamins and all kinds of other beneficial things.

2. Avoid being drunk, and avoid hungovers.

I'll tell you a secret: my work has nothing to do with clothing, fashion, vintage or anything. This is just a hobby. I actually work in the alcohol field. That means that I won't be giving up alcohol all together, and I really don't want to! But I will learn to have two glasses of wine instead of a bottle with a friend. A pint and a game of Carcassonne with a friends instead of a long night at the pub.

3. I'll be more active, and I won't let having a flu or a holiday stop me.

I'll continue dancing and jogging and everything else just like before, but so far whenever I get a flu or over my summer holiday somehow I forget. My activity goes on hold, and when I recover from the flu, it stays on hold. I need to remind myself to get up and out, that I don't need lazy periods. Activity can be fun when I choose the right sports that suit me. That way it doesn't feel like a chore, but instead it's something that I look forward to each week. Charleston dancing works like that for me, and my goal is to find other forms of being active that make me feel excited to get sweaty.

4. Doing all this, I'd like to lose a few kilos.

Okay, here we go. The numbers. The photos. I'll put these out here, so I can track how I've been doing.

I'm going to turn 31 in four weeks. As of this mornng, I weigh 80,3 kilograms. This is how I look, with no posing, no fancy underwear to slim my belly, no makeup, no hair done. My blood pressure was 123/80 today, which is significantly better after I quit eating salty liquorice.

 5. Continue tracking my progress

I'm going to update the first day of every month of how I'm doing. These once and month posts will be the only ones here on this blog that have to do with this personal project of mine. In the meanwhile I'll continue posting doll-up photos and vintage finds on this blog, don't worry. But during the month I'll monitor my weight, blood pressure, eating habits and activity in order to keep things up and in the right direction.

Wish me not only luck, but also discipline and persistence! I wish you all the same things for this year. May we all reach our goals.


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