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Tips on taking proper outfit photos on your phone

I've been terrible with oufit photos and selfies in general. I take them either at an arms lenght with the selfie camera, or I take them with the mirror. The results have not been very good, to be honest, and end up disproportionate. I recently read from some blog, that the best way to take outfit photos is to balance the camera on something at waist height, and use a timer with a burst mode. If the camera is higher, your feet will look small compared to your head, and if it is lower, your legs will look huge and but your head tiny. Hence always take photos so that the camera is waist height! I can't believe it took me this long to learn!

Since I use a Huawei phone, I have the Android operating system. I found an app in the Play Store called Timer Camera. It's free, and it's easy to use. You can set a timer and a burst mode, meaning the camera will take several pictures consequtevily. I've been playing around with it now, I like a delay for the timer at 10 or 15 se…

Retro winter outfit with a wool beret and a vintage skirt

Check this lovely warm outfit perfect for a winter day! There's something new, something vintage, lots of retro, and plenty of comfort. And a bit of a preppy 1960's wibe.

(Oh lord I need to learn to take outfit photos without the mirror.) The skirt is a wonderful, thick wool vintage skirt from the 1960's, and it's lined which makes it comfortable to wear. Just adding a black belt makes it look really sharp! The jumper I got for less than 6€ from Gina Tricot's season sale. The shoes are Lola Ramona's real leather flats, and I love them to bits! The beret is 100% wool and it's warm, comfortable and super stylish. 

Add 1960's Swarovski crystal earrings and a cat eyeliner and voilà! You've achieved a great preppy retro outfit that makes your self-esteem soar!

6 Inspiration Photos of The Vintage Curl Hairstyle

I use Pinterest to gather inspiring images of vintage photos or repro styles. I also have a whole collection of Youtube and Pinterest (or blog) tutorials on how to do different hairstyles and so on. My favourite and one that I do quite often, at least a couple times a week, is the classic short to midi vintage curl hairstyle. I gathered some inspiration photos for this post to make you want to get those pins out and start rolling your hair!
1. Vintage icons: Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn is on the top of my list right now when it comes to hair. To be honest, I don't always understand the rave about Marilyn Monroe. She lead a troubled life of an addict and she met an early end, and her style was created for her by stylists. I've got to admit it, though, that the style complimented her perfectly, and has shaped the image of feminine beauty ever since then.
What I love about Marilyn's hair is that it's almost always set in curls, but it's also almost always pretty wild. It&…