Clip on Earrings from Mekkomania

After my previous post about the history of earrings, I thought I'd share some of my vintage earring findings! I wrote in the end of that post especially about clip on earrings. I recently bought two pairs from a local second hand shop, and I've been loving them to bits!

In december I bought my first pairs of clip on earrings from  Mekkomania (Fleminginkatu 12 b, Helsinki). I had been browsing in the nearby Hoochie Mama Jane (Agricolankatu 11, Helsinki) but I thought over 30€ for a pair of plastic clip ons, even if they were vintage, was a little too much for my wallet. I walked over to Mekkomania, and I found similar ones at very affordable prices! Most of the clip on earrings were 5-10€ a pair.

Silver and black vintage clip on earrings 1970's

I got two pairs of slip on earrings. Both of them are second hand and vintage from the 1970's. Both were only 5€ a pair and made of plastic, the clip itself naturally metallic. They have been wonderful, easy to use, simple yet bring a retro feeling to any outfit! I've had these a couple of weeks and I've been using both of them really often!

Red and gold vintage clip on earrings 1970's

Here to show how well the black vintage clip on earrings go with my new wool beret:

Elina wearing a wool beret and vintage clip on earrings, Déjà Porté!


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