More vintage headwear: a green half hat!

Over Easter there was a Retro & Vintage + Design Expo in Helsinki, as I mentioned in an earlier post. The lavender half hat wasn't my only vintage headwear find from the RVDE; here's the other one!

This hat doesn't sit quite as snugly on my head as the lavender one, and it seems to be of newer make. Maybe 1970s or so? It's of a lovely emerald green colour, made of felt, and it's in wonderful condition all around.

The vintage hat has a simple but cute ornament on one side. Curiously the hat maker has pinched the inside with a string so that the hat forms a small bubble to accentuate the ornament. I could remove the bubble easily but I'll see how I like it as it is.

And I do quite like it! It doesn't sit as snugly on my head as the lavender one, so I'll definitely need to come up with tricks to fasten it on my hair. I wouldn't want to lose this hat on a windy day!

A vintage find: beautiful lavender half hat!

As I posted previously, the Retro & Vintage + Design Expo was held in Helsinki last weekend, over Easter. I went there on Saturday and rummaged the whole clothing area through. I made some wonderful finds, and most of them are headgear!

This hat is one of my vintage finds from RVDE, a true treasure! It's a felt half hat of a lovely lavender colour. I estimated with the shop keeper that it has to be from the 1950's. It has clearly been in use, but it's in good condition and has retained its shape very well.

It has a big bow on the other side and a small ornament on the other. It fits on my big fat head very nicely, but I will need a hat pin or some other tricks to actually hold it down on my head before I venture to go out with it. At the moment, however nicely it fits, wind would surely blow it away.

Next on my shopping list: a vintage hat pin or two!

The love for headscarves

It seems I have developed a sudden and passionate relationship with headscarves! It all started with the need to cover my head when I had put pins on for pincurls. I wear a bigger scarf over my hair during the nights quite often when I let the pincurls set overnight. But wearing the scarf is also an easy and instant way to get that wonderful retro look, especially if you wear a real vintage scarf like some of mine are!

Sometimes I decide to put the pincurls on in the morning, cover the pins with a scarf and go about my day. Then come evening, I take off the scarf, take off the pins, brush out my hair, and voilá! I'm ready for dinner. 

But sometimes, espeially lately... the scarf has just become an accessory. I like to wear it and I like the style! It's easy to play with colors or be a cool girl and just wear a black scarf. 

I think my love for headscarves is not waning at all! I'm planning to get turbans next to make things even easier and lazier for me!

Coming up in Helsinki: Retro & Vintage + Design Expo 31.3.-1.4.2018

This weekend is not only the long Easter weekend from Friday to Monday, but also a time for one of the best retro and vintage events in Helsinki! On Saturday and Sunday Kaapelitehdas hosts Retro & Vintage + Design Expo from 10AM to 4PM on both days. The tickets for entry are 10€ and you can get them at the door. It's a wonderful opportunity to find vintage and retro treasures including furniture, tableware, decoration items, collectors items and, what interest me, clothes, shoes and accessories! 
Personally I look forward to raiding VintagEija's stall at the Expo! I don't get to visit Turku often enough to get to Eija's wonderful vintage boutique. She specializes in the 1950's vintage clothing, and her shop is just a delight browse. You always find a treasure to take home with you from her shop! Luckily, she also has some of her items in her popular webshop.

The fair is organized by Exponova that organizes all kinds of vintage and retro events all through the …

Vintage skirt that turns into SHORTS!

I've had this piece of vintage clothing for a while now, and I use it especially for bicyclying or for cold winter days. It's made of warm sturdy wool fabric, and at first glance, it's a skirt with a nice detail at one side.

But wait... there's actually three buttons securing the outer layer that makes this a skirt. You can easily and quickly remove the outer layer... and reveal the shorts underneath!

This vintage skirt is so much fun! If I remember correctly, it's a used piece of women's uniform from the Polish army in the 1960's. Pretty amazing to think about. It's in wonderful condition and super sturdy. It's made really, really well. I never use this as just shorts, but the shorts underneath the skirt make this comfortable and easy to wear whatever you do! Here I paired it with a vintage scard and old worn combat boots.

DIY Homemade 3 ingredient coffee and cinnamon body scrub

The media has been buzzling with the topic of micro plastic polluting our environment, and it seems to be coming from the most unseeming places! Some sources are pretty obvious, for example body scrubs. Many body scrubs that you can buy do not use natural materials, but tiny balls made of plastic to work as physical exfoliants. There are plenty of options for ready to use natural body scrubs, too, but I figured... why not make them at home? In this post I share my own recipe for a natural body scrub that you can make of ingredients found in your kitchen! You only need three ingredients, two if you want to be as simple as possible! It's super easy and it will leave your skin moisturized and smooth! However, I found that there was a down side...

Coffee and Cinnamon Body Scrub Ingredients
1 desiliter coffee grounds½ desiliter olive oil (I used half olive oil and half canola oil!)1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
How to make and use the body scrub So I made coffee in the morning, and I saved …

Tips on taking proper outfit photos on your phone

I've been terrible with oufit photos and selfies in general. I take them either at an arms lenght with the selfie camera, or I take them with the mirror. The results have not been very good, to be honest, and end up disproportionate. I recently read from some blog, that the best way to take outfit photos is to balance the camera on something at waist height, and use a timer with a burst mode. If the camera is higher, your feet will look small compared to your head, and if it is lower, your legs will look huge and but your head tiny. Hence always take photos so that the camera is waist height! I can't believe it took me this long to learn!

Since I use a Huawei phone, I have the Android operating system. I found an app in the Play Store called Timer Camera. It's free, and it's easy to use. You can set a timer and a burst mode, meaning the camera will take several pictures consequtevily. I've been playing around with it now, I like a delay for the timer at 10 or 15 se…